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Adoption Info
Please take a moment to review our frequently asked questions. Then proceed with the steps below:

Step 1:
Download our Adoption Application. Once it has been completely filled out, you can either email or fax it to us.

Dog Adoption Application: (Word Doc.) (PDF.)

Feline Adoption Application: (Word Doc.)

E-mail to:
Fax to: (973)-383-4977

Step 2:
Once we receive your application, we will review it, check your references, and call your vet. We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your application to let you knowif your application was approved.

Step 3:
If your application is approved we will perform a home visit. If you are not local, don't worry. We work closely with many different rescues who are always willing to help out with out of state adoptions!

Step 4:
If your home visit is approved, the adoption will then take place. To finalize the adoption, you will need to sign our adoption contract and  pay the adoption fee. We will also go through the animal's medical papers so you know what you're new bundle of joy has had and when she/he is due to go to your vet!

Important Information:
The whole adoption process (from the receipt of your application to finalizing the adoption) can take anywhere from 4 - 14 days. It varies depending upon scheduling of the home visit and bringing the animal in for their final vet check up!

Because we are a FOSTER BASED rescue and we DO NOT have a facility, WE REQUIRE that you have a filled out and approved application before coming to see any of our animals. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We REQUIRE all applicants to be AT LEAST 21 years of age
• If you are OVER 21 years old, and still live at home with you're parents, we REQUIRE that your parents fill out the application, or to at least put BOTH parents as your references!

Canine Adoption Fees:
• ADULT DOGS (1 1/2 years & up) = $250
• PUPPIES (8 weeks to 1 year old) =$300
• SENIORS (7 Years & Up) = $200

Feline Adoption Fees:
• KITTENS (8 weeks to 1 year old) =$75
• ADULT CATS = $50

Adoption Fees Include The Following:
• Vet Check
• Age Appropriate Vaccines
• Rabies (If Over the age of 3 months)
• Deworming
• Bath/Grooming
• Spay/Neuter (if over the age of 6 months)
• Heartworm Test (if over the age of 1 year)
• Advice For Life Time Of Pet
• Microchip
• Microchip Registration Fee
• 30 days free of pet insurance

**We now Offer Basic Obedience With All Of Our Adotable Dogs.

For more information or if you have any other questions, please call or e-mail us. Thank You!!